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Welcome to the Ravalli County Curriculum Consortium


Photo credit: KPAX/KAJ Media Center


 Consortium Members include the following school districts:


    1. Lone Rock School District
    2. Stevensville School District
    3. Victor School District
    4. Hamilton School District
    5. Darby School District


Mission Statement:


The Ravalli County Curriculum Consortium (RCCC) empowers teachers to collaboratively design a comprehensive, common curriculum, aligned to the Montana standards, in order to provide students with a rigorous, twenty-first century education.   




  • The RCCC Directors will represent the RCCC by attending local, regional, and state level professional development and curriculum meetings as needed.
  • The RCCC Directors will meet on a monthly basis.  
  • All member districts will have representative teachers at curriculum development.
  • All member districts will follow the RCCC recommended five-year implementation schedule (See Appendix A).



  • The RCCC will schedule a time, location, and forum for teachers to collaborate in the development of curriculum.
  • The RCCC will follow the accreditation standards which have established 5-year rotation of curriculum revision.



  • The RCCC will provide teachers with the framework, tools, and resources to design a curriculum, aligned with the state, that establishes a common, comprehensive set of standards and assessments for our school districts.
  • One week of summer training will be devoted to developing each curricular area.  



  • The RCCC will coordinate professional development.
  • The RCCC will address assessment through both formative and summative measurement practices for teachers and students.
  • The RCCC will provide a usable document for teachers in our school districts.
  • The RCCC will provide support for individual school board adoption.


Montana Common Core Resources



April Pre-Planning Meeting


Links to Specific Curriculum Content Documents 


World Languages




Career and Technical Education


Workplace Competencies  




Fine Arts


Informational Literacy and Library Media


Health Enhancement/Physical Education


English Language Arts






Social Studies





Administrative Rules of Montana Curriculum Revision 5 Year Cycle



Ravalli County Curriculum Cycle Revised 10/1/14

RCCCCurriculumRotation (1).pdf


April Power Point

RCCC Powerpoint 2012.pptx


Evaluation of Curriculum Cycle



National Curriculum Standards Discussion can be found at the following URL  



Blooms Taxonomy Information 



New Version of Bloom's Taxonomy



Glossary of Terms for Curriculum documents

Ravalli County Curriculum Consortium--Glossary of Terms 8-11.docx  

Standards and Rubric Writing Power Points


RCC Introduction-2012.ppt


Ravalli - Day1_Intro2012.ppt


Ravalli -Day2_New Tax.ppt





Principal's Role in Curriculum 8-10.pptx




This list might be helpful in writing your 3.0 measurement topics and tasks


Critical Thinking Skill List.doc


Dr. Robert Marzano Video Clips 


Interesting Reading:


"A Case Against ZERO"





Counseling and Library RCCC Survey 2010.xlsx


Survey Summary Fine Arts 2010.xlsx


Teacher Resources:

Teacher Planet



Poll Everywhere



Rick Wormeli Standards Based Grading  

The consortium is coordinated by Dan Johnston the Principal at Victor School. He can be contacted at: johnston@victor.k12.mt.us

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Anonymous said

at 10:58 pm on Apr 2, 2008

Hello all.. As you can see, I have been working on the wiki a lot in preparation for our curriculum writing sessions. Please do not edit the front page as it has taken me hours to get the links correct as well as format. In addition, the wiki is now set up in a similar format to a traditional web page for convenience purposes. The common pages for the RCCC are listed as links from the front page. Moreover individual district pages have been created for you to use. Please only edit your particular page for your district in that section. For the RCCC communal pages, that is where the majority of the communal writing will take place within your particular area. I have created a back up of the wiki if you do make a mistake. Although a safe bet is if you do make a mistake at the bottom of the page click cancel and NOT save, as the mistake will wipe out all other existing information. Again, I hope the new format is more user friendly. If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask me, call, e-mail or simply shout!



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