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 RCCC Science Curriculum 

Science Rubrics K-12 revised 100711.pdf

Science Rubrics K-12 revised 100711.docx

These documents are revised. ~ Tammy


For Presentation to School Boards

Lone Rock Science 2011.pdf




K-2 Science Proficiencies 3.0's.xlsx

Grade 3-5 excelsheet.xlsx

Updated 6-8 Science 3.0's.xlsx


Cover Pages & Philosophies


Science Cover Page.docx

STEVENSVILLE Science Cover Page[1].docx  


possibleposition statementHAMILTON.docx

possibleposition statementVictorwimpl.docx

Philosophy Culturally Conscious wording.docx

Darby Philosophy and Position Statement.docx

Victor philosophy and position statement.docx

Darby Philosophy and Position Statement.docx edited 12:38

Hamilton Science Philosophy




Additional Resources 


App on iPad: Science360


Teacher/Curriculum Developers Save Material Here



Grade 3-5 excelsheet Firday.xlsx

Science Rubric 3rd Grade Friday.docx

Fourth Science Rubric.docx 

5th grade rubric.docx

Science Rubric kindergarten.docx

1st Gr Science Standards Rubric.docx

Science Grade 2 Rubric[1].doc




Science Grade 2 Rubric[1].doc  

5th grade rubric.docx  

Science Rubric K.docx

Science Rubric 3rd Grade.docx  Edited: 8/2/11 Still need sample tasks    

Third grade science copy3.0-2.xlsx  edited 8/3/11

  Copy of fourth grade science3.0.xlsx edited 8-3-11 @ 1:45

Fourth Science Rubric.docx 8-5-11

Copy of fifth grade science3.0(1).xlsx 12:23 8/2/11

5th grade rubics.docx  update 8-2-11 2:00 

 9th grade integrated.xlsx  added 8/4/11 11am or 1:30?

weather for integrated.docx added 8/5/11 11:30 am

physics for integrated.docx added 8/5/11 11:30 am

Grade 10 Science 3.0's.xlsx Edited 8-4-11 end of the day

 Grade10Biology.docx  Edited 8-4-11 end of the day

PHYSICS 3.0's(1).xlsx  final 8-5-11

Physics Rubrics[1].docx final 8-5-11

ChemistryRubrics(1).xlsx  final 8-5-11

Chemistry Rubric.docx final 8-5-11


Director's Materials

Curriculum and Assessment in Ravalli County-4-11.pptx





Are you a real estate agent? Does social media scare you?


Realtors are some of the best marketers in an offline person-to-person environment. You’re incredibly brilliant at getting to know your clients on a very personal level, getting involved in your community, and connecting with your local market.


What you’re not very good at is applying this to your social media.(Well, most of you aren’t!).


The best real estate marketers think of social online like they do social offline!


Social media provides a way to further connect with your local clients and groups and boost your real estate marketing efforts. Social can build trust, and spread your marketing through friends of friends.


But how do you do it?


In this article I’ll give you an overview of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (and a few more) and how real estate agents can use them for social media marketing.

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